Half Price Specials

Half Price Specials

Adam approached us to assist with hosting issues. His iPhone / Android app Half Price Specials consists of the app, which relies on regular communication with a centralised server, an admin portal to manage the app content, and a public-facing web site with associated email addresses.

We appraised his current setup and came to the conclusion that we could save him money, time and stress by simply hosting it all ourselves on our own server – thus migrating him into a fully managed solution.

This has obviously been a success as, aside from the very occasional bit of contact for consultation or advice about unrelated issues, we never hear from Adam (note to Adam – we do like you, but we’re happy that your project is travelling smoothly) 🙂

Half Price Specials is a great little app which is updated weekly to keep us informed of… well… all the half price specials at our favourite retailers. Learn more about it at the web site.


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